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Cavity Wall Insulation

What Is Cavity Wall Insulation?

What is cavity wall insulation?


Many houses built with walls are built with two layers (outer and inner layer). There is a gap between these two wall layers known as the cavity and the cavity can often be filled with insulation to make the property more efficient. A cavity wall specialist is then needed to drill holes in the mortar joints and fill them with insulation until the cavity is full then the holes are filled with colour matched mortar to match the original.

How is the cavity wall insulation installed?

The cavity wall is injected with insulating material by drilling holes in the external wall, through the mortar joint. Holes are generally of 22-25mm diameter and are filled after injection. Each hole is injected in turn commencing at the bottom.

 Living with Cavity Wall Insulation?

Only difference is property is easier/cheaper to heat and keep on top of home maintenance jobs to ensure roof and walls don’t leak and gutters are working properly.


Benefits Of Cavity Wall Insulation


• Quick and easy

• Significance in energy savings

• Financial support may be available

• Increases the energy efficiency of your home

• Reduces heat loss


• Reduces your carbon footprint

• Will make the home warmer and less expensive to heat.


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