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Underfloor Insulation

What Is Underfloor Insulation?

If a house has suspended timber floor on the ground floor then a layer of insulation can be held in place under the floor between the joists.


If a house has solid concrete flooring there are two ways it can be insulated.


These two ways include:


- A layer of rigid insulation board on top of the existing concrete, with a layer of boarding on top of that to create a new floor level some space will be lost and adjust/ move skirting boards, doors, fitted cupboards and possibly sockets and plumbing depending on the layout of the room.


- An alternative method to insulate solid floor is to dig out the existing concrete, dig down further and add a new damp proof membrane, a layer of rigid insulation and a new concrete screed or other flooring. This is an expensive and disruptive alternative method and is usually carried out as part of a major refurbishment project, or when there is an issue with the existing floor.


Benefits Of Underfloor Insulation

The benefits of floor insulation can be significant. 10-20% of heat loss from a building can be through the floors if they’re not insulated to a reasonable standard. According to the Energy Saving Trust you could save between £40-£65 on your energy bill through floor insulation. When you stack that against other savings you can make on insulating the rest of your house plus the length of time you’ll live in your home, the savings can add up.

- Reduced heat loss/waste

Heat rises, so insulating your house properly means you keep more heat inside the house. 


- Save money

By correctly insulating suspended timber floors you can save money (and for some this could mean avoiding or alleviating fuel poverty). As you keep more heat inside your home with floor (and roof) insulation you’ll reduce the amount of energy you use (and therefore your bill) whilst keeping your house snug.


- It’s low to no maintenance

Floor insulation is maintenance-free once installed.


- It future proofs your home

Unlike newer buildings, many older houses were not fitted with floor insulation when they were first built, so by investing in floor insulation you can bring your house up to date and improve your EPC ratings.

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