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Double/Triple Glazing

Double Glazing



Double-glazing is a window consisting of two panes of glass separated by a layer of trapped argon gas.


The layer of argon gas has 67% of thermal conductivity of air, making it a poor conductor of heat, thus keeping warm air trapped inside your home and helping improve energy efficiency.


This extra pane of glass also acts as a secondary barrier to noise, helping keep your home nice and quiet, and strengthens the window to improve security.

Benefits of Double Glazing:

- Better Insulation

Double glazing was developed to provide better insulation than the traditional glazing. The double glazed windows provide a better barrier, and therefore reduce the amount of heat transfer from your house to the cold outer air. This way your house is better placed to retain the heat gained from the sun during the day. During the hot summer months, the windows keep the extreme heat outside. The better insulation provided by double glazed windows ensures that you can now enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers.

- Noise Reduction

They provide better insulation from noise compared to single glazing. They are great especially if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or near an airport. With double glazing, your house provides a quiet and peaceful environment away from the loud and busy world outside. In the same way, the windows keep any noise coming from your house inside. This keeps your conversations within the house.

- Increased Security

Double glazed windows are much harder to break compared to single glazed windows. It is also very difficult to force them to open from the outside. This makes it harder for burglars to get into your house. You can also increase the level of security by choosing laminated or toughened glass. Installing these windows allows you to rest easy in the knowledge that no one can break into your home easily

- Reduced Energy Bills

Double glazing allows your house to retain most of the heat it gains from the sun during the day. The increased insulation also means that you need to turn on the heat far less often during the winter months. During the hot summer months, the cooler house means you do not need to use the air conditioner very often. This translates to much lower energy consumption and bills.


- Increased Property Value

As you can see installing double glazing makes your house better and more comfortable to live in. This makes the house more attractive to potential buyers compared to a house with single glazed windows. If you find you ever need to sell your house then you can be assured of getting a better deal than you would have with single glazing.

- Little Condensation

Those droplets appear because the windows are cooler than the air inside the house. This causes the moisture on the window panes to condense. The temperature of the interior window pane is closer to the air temperature inside the house, therefore, avoiding condensation. While it may not look all that serious, condensation has far-reaching consequences. The water droplets can lead to mould, mildew which can cause health problems. The humidity can also cause the wooden window frames to rot. The reduced levels of condensation help avoid the costly maintenance and repairs caused by water damage.

- Easy Maintenance

Many people assume that double glazing leads to difficulties with cleaning and maintaining your windows. However, this is just a misconception. Ensure that you clean the windows on a regular basis as the buildup of dust can cause discolouration. Wipe off the condensation to avoid rotting of the window frames and avoid abrasive means of cleaning. Do this and you can be sure that your double glazed windows will serve you for a long time. Today manufacturers equip their products with easy clean technology which not only makes it easy to clean but also breaks down dirt. 

- Aesthetics

Double glazing has a great way of increasing the curb appeal of your house. Today all architectural profiles can be fitted with double glazing without compromising on the original look and feel of the house. By employing the services of an experienced and qualified contractor to install your double glazing, you can be sure of a great look.


Double Glazing

Triple Glazing



Triple glazing is a window with 3 panes of glass offering the ultimate energy efficiency in any Anglian products.


At Anglian these 3 panes of glass will be within an uPVC frame, available in a range of colours.


The frame includes a thermal insert in the mainframe chamber to create smaller chambers and reduce heat loss.


There’s a spacer bar between each pane of glass which is made from thermally optimised insulating material, which prevents heat escaping round the edge of the sealed unit.


In the space between the panes is Argon gas, an inert gas that increases the window’s thermal performance.



This gas has a low conductivity, making it ideal for insulation and helping to reduce energy bills



Triple glazing works by trapping more heat in your home.


The Low E glass works brilliantly at reflecting heat back into your home, preventing it from escaping.


By doing this, your home takes less time and money to heat as less is escaping out of your windows therefore saving you energy!


Secondary Glazing



Secondary glazing involves adding a second, ‘slim-line’ window just inside your existing window reveal and is ideal if you are unable to install double or triple glazing due to planning restrictions.


Secondary glazed windows are subtle and, therefore, won’t impact heavily on the building’s aesthetic, but they still have many of the properties of double glazing, helping to keep your home warmer, quieter (if required) and save you energy and money.


Secondary glazing increases the thermal efficiency of your existing windows, eliminating cold spots and draughts and helping to retain heat.


It is for this reason that secondary glazing is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners in place of costly triple glazing.


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